We recover with a breeze all your data at iFix


– Hard Drive

– Solid State Drive

– Flash Drive


– Server, and more

We offer three levels of HDD recovery

Level 1. Data access issues.

Hard drive must be in a working physical condition and there are no bad sectors. Data transfer from crashed computer. Software related data recovery matter, mainly caused by viruses and malware. The process takes one to four business days. $79-$199.

Level 2. Disk issues.

Hard drive has instabilities, corrupted data, bad sectors, or some kinds of degradation. Problems with the logical structure of the data or partition. $299-$599

Level 3. Drive issues. 

Hard drive is in a poor physical condition, makes clicking, grinding sounds. Drive failure could occur due to mechanical, electronic, or firmware damage. In case, internal parts or controller board needs to be replaced either you provide us with the part or we order it on your behalf. Lab hours in the clean room are required. $799-$1799.

No data – no charge!

For more info please feel free to give us a call (212) 933-4440

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